Centennial Products, Inc

Same Heat Sealed "Bag-In-A-Bag" construction as our popular

BBSDX-96-80 except exterior material in 18 mil 

Heavy Duty Vinyl Coated Poly Scrim.


10 Ultra-Strong and extra wide web handles for ease of handling 

by multiple individualsas well as "litter style" carry in tight quarters

by 2 or more individuals.  Tested to 450 lb. lifting capacity.


Large capacity envelope style heavy-duty zipper

with dual zipper pulls for easy access,

autopsy can be performed in many cases

without removal from the bag.


Each bag packed with BBID-KIT-T for field identification

without the hassle of carrying separate ID tags

and supplies. Kit consists of tear proof Tyvek toe tags,

exterior ID tag, personal effects ID tag,

red biohazard tag and yellow contamination tags 


All lined bags comply with OSHA Regulation 3130

for Universal Precautions involving containment of

body fluids and protection from blood borne pathogens

Part Number                            Style/Color                          Qty Per Case

BBSDX-96HD-60                         Envelope/Black                                 6