Centennial Products Inc


Electronic heat-sealed construction to comply with OSHA Regulation 3130



2 layers of 3-mil polyethylene film laminated to 1000 denier scrim reinforced material

(equivalent strength to 12 mil vinyl). Environmentally EPA compliant.       

No vinyl material used in manufacturing



Adhesive tape backed reinforced zipper to minimize possible “zipper tear-out” during

handling and transport.  Dual zipper pulls to facilitate opening and closing bag



Chlorine Free material remains flexible to -70 degrees F. so that it can be used in

winter environments or morgue coolers without fear of material cracking.



Available in “envelope” style easy access zipper opening or “straight” zipper configurations



Each bag packed with BBID-KIT-T for field identification without the hassle of carrying

separate ID tags and supplies. Kit consists of tear proof Tyvek toe tags, exterior ID tag,
personal effects ID tag, red biohazard tag and yellow contamination tags 



 Part Number              Style-Zipper-Color-Type                               Quantity Per Case                         

                36 X 96” ENVELOPE – BLACK                            24


                36 X 96” ENVELPOPE – BLACK                          24

             (ADULT NO BBID-T KIT)